Open source and free agile tools

Open source and free agile tools

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Welcome to an overview of open source agile project management software tools. This site has been created by Targetprocess, a company that has been developing commercial software for agile project management and bug tracking since 2004. We hope that you find required tools among open source projects, but if not, visit our website to check out the cool features of our professionally maintained agile software.

Agile Glossary

Extreme Programming (XP)

Acceptance Testing
Burn Down Chart
Daily Meeting
Effort Estimates in Abstract Units (Points)
Iteration Planning
Iteration Velocity
Kanban Board
Release Planning
Task Board
Test-Driven Development
User Story
Work-in-Progress (WIP)

XPStoryStudio / dead

From the first sight, XPStoryStudio may evolve into good tool, but in reality it was released in beta in 2004 and development stopped after beta release. So if you are not satisfied with current functionality there are no chances to change anything. Tool by itself is quite crude. Some things are good like iterations and user stories with tasks, but usability and user focused functionality is quite poor. No todos, no project team concept, no easy user story change state, no user load. In fact the tool can only plan iterations and this will be not enough for any real life project, just for very small projects or students.

Pros Cons
  • Automatic installer that works pretty good
  • Broken design in FireFox
  • Problems with reports. They just not there (You will see "The 'Reporting' section of this site has not yet been implemented" message in Reports section)
  • No releases, iterations only
  • Seems there will be no more releases. Last update 18-Jan-2004.

Platform [Technologies]: Windows [ASP.NET]


Functionality Usability Performance
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