Open source and free agile tools

Open source and free agile tools

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Welcome to an overview of open source agile project management software tools. This site has been created by Targetprocess, a company that has been developing commercial software for agile project management and bug tracking since 2004. We hope that you find required tools among open source projects, but if not, visit our website to check out the cool features of our professionally maintained agile software.

Agile Glossary

Extreme Programming (XP)

Acceptance Testing
Burn Down Chart
Daily Meeting
Effort Estimates in Abstract Units (Points)
Iteration Planning
Iteration Velocity
Kanban Board
Release Planning
Task Board
Test-Driven Development
User Story
Work-in-Progress (WIP)

XPWeb / dead

The only tool written on PHP. Has quite weird user interface, but quite a lot features. Demo is broken, so some features maybe don't work. The tool does not look as ready for production use and can't be utilized for agile project management in real teams.

Pros Cons
  • Nice Calendar
  • Counterintuitive UI
  • Development almost frozen. Last update early 2006
  • Does not support Releases, Iterations only
  • Lack of integrity, looks like constructed from not very relevant pieces

Platform [Technologies]: Windows/Unix [PHP]


Functionality Usability Performance
**   **   ***

Targetprocess is an agile project management tool. According to the latest customer survey, the key differentiators of this tool are:

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